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Holiday Hospital Raffle.

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Collingwood General & Marine Hospital Foundation

Fundraiser for new CT Scanner

Together, we raised over $400 for our local hospital. Thank you!

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Author Events.

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Book Signing & Meet and Greet 


Kelly S. Thompson


Saturday February 4, 2023

11am to 1pm

Please join us in store for a Book Signing & Meet and Greet with Kelly S. Thompson as we celebrate the release of her new memoir Still, I Cannot Save You.

With honesty, love, and humour, in this moving memoir, Kelly S. Thompson explores her relationship with her older sister, Meghan. Tested by addiction, abuse, and illness, the sisters’ relationship crumbles, only to be rebuilt into an everlasting bond.

Kelly Thompson and her older sister, Meghan, are proof that sisterhood doesn’t always equate to friendship.
Growing up within a military family, the girls were close despite being temperamental opposites—Kelly, anxious and studious, looked to her big sister for comfort, and Meghan, who battled kidney cancer as a toddler, was gregarious and protective. But as she approached adulthood, Meghan spi­ralled into a cocaine and opioid addiction, and Kelly’s relationship with her sister was torn apart.
Their paths diverge as they live their own lives, and it is only when Meghan becomes a mother that she and Kelly tentatively face past hurts and reexamine what sisterhood really means. But their reunion is threatened when Meghan receives a shocking new diagnosis on a day that should be one for celebration. Now, as the family reels at the prospect of the biggest loss imaginable, Kelly and Meghan must share all that they can in the time that they have, using their mutual sense of humour to chart a course through the darkest of days.
At once funny and heartbreaking, Still, I Cannot Save You is a story about addiction, abuse, and tragedy, but above all, it is a powerful portrait of an enduring love between sisters.
Kelly S. Thompson is a retired military officer who holds an MFA and a Ph.D. in Creative Writing, and has been published in Chatelaine, Maclean’s, the Globe and Mail, and more. Her debut memoir, Girls Need Not Apply, was named a Globe and Mail Top 100 Book and was an instant bestseller. She works as a mentor for the University of King’s College MFA in Creative Nonfiction, and lives in Nova Scotia with her military spouse and bull terrier.

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Our current publications.  

Curiosity House Books Publishing, founded in 2014, is a small press specializing in high-quality non-fiction and children's picture books. We have published 4 titles to date, with several more in production. Please contact us to learn and/or to purchase our books.

Tremont Studios: Art + History

When Everything Falls Apart - Book One: The End by Simon Heath

A Bird Chronicle - by Rina Barone, illustrated by Ruth Ann Pearce

The Petun: People of the Hills by Pat Raible

The Village and I: Ten Life Stories - created by Sara Sniderhan, edited by Rina Barone

When Everything Falls Apart - Book One: The End
A Bird Chronicle
The Petun: People of the Hills
The Village and I: Ten Life Stories
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Curiosity House Book Club

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February Pick

The Plot by Jean Hanff Korelitz

"Insanely readable." —Stephen King

Hailed as "breathtakingly suspenseful," Jean Hanff Korelitz’s The Plot is a propulsive read about a story too good not to steal, and the writer who steals it.

Saturday February 21, 2023

2:30pm @ Curiosity House Books

*Must register and purchase book at Curiosity House Books to attend. Space is limited.*

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Book Reviews.

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Letters Across the Sea

Reviewed by Nancy Falconer

In her latest novel, Canadian best-selling historical fiction author Genevieve Graham once again touches the heart in an emotionally compelling journey through love, loss, and redemption, spanning a period of Canada’s history from the Depression to the end of WW II.

Known for “breathing life back into history, one story at a time” ~ more especially Canadian history ~ Graham has wrapped her cast of memorable characters in a viscerally-moving tale triggered by real events in our nation’s history.

As the saying goes, God is in the detail, and the author has done her historical research par excellence, no tidbit too small to help us breathe in the ambience of the period. (Who knew that heavy curtains were drawn across all Eatons' store windows at closing time on Saturdays in order to circumvent passersby from the unmentionable sin of coveting merchandise on the Sabbath?)

Letters Across the Sea immerses the reader in the deprivation, unrest and anger of the Depression years and in the very real emotional complexities of war-time sacrifices and service, as experienced through the characters’ eyes and hearts. History class was never like this!

The fictional story line is centred on a star-crossed love, doomed by anti-semitism rampant in Canada during the Depression (historic fact). In the aftermath of a community baseball final one June night in 1933, the main characters are caught up in what came to be known as the Christie Pits Riot (a true event), the largest ethnic riot in our nation’s history.

As the story moves into the outbreak of WW II, Canada’s little-known, ill-fated role in the Battle of Hong Kong (also historic fact) takes front and centre as the historical focus and the unimaginable suffering of the characters is both gut-wrenching and heart-breaking. Doomed from the start, in reality those few Canadian soldiers who managed somehow to survive the brutally inhumane treatment in the Japanese imprisonment camps returned home with untold scars and foreshortened lives, hauntingly mirrored in one of the novel’s main characters.

The author has poignantly dedicated Letters Across the Sea in part to the “..brave men of Canada’s Royal Rifles and Winnipeg Grenadiers, who never should have been sent to Hong Kong. The history books seem to have mostly forgotten them, but I never will.”

If your reading genre is historical fiction, treat yourself to a Genevieve Graham novel and be transported back in time by what has been described as her “delectable combination of romance, intrigue, and history”. And if our Canadian school history curriculum left you snoozing, I bet Graham will have you saying ‘I had no idea!’.

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Letters Across the Sea by Genevieve Graham

Published by Simon & Schuster, April 27th, 2021. 384 pages.

Our Story.

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Curiosity House Books.

A place for discovery.

From our bricks-and-mortar bookstore in the beautiful village of Creemore to our author events to our online journal to the books we create, it is our hope that you will find something new and inspiring and walk away happy to have found it.

Our collections are carefully selected. Our mandate is simple: to connect books with readers. We hope to engage and create, to inspire and to empower. Our story starts here.

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